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Mayor Sanders Discusses His Re-election Efforts, Goals for the City

Why does Mayor Jerry Sanders believe he should be re-elected? We'll ask the incumbent mayor what he has done to deserve a second term in office. Host Tom Fudge also speaks to the mayor about the big

Mayor Sanders Discusses His Re-election Efforts, Goals for the City

Tom Fudge: When the June 3rd California primary comes our way, the people who go to the polls in San Diego will have a substantial decision to make. That's because this could be the election that re-elects Mayor Jerry Sanders. If Sanders gets more than half the vote, in this non-partisan contest, he wins, and there's no general election for Mayor in November. Obviously, if one of his opponents gets 50 percent plus one, he's out of office.

Jerry Sanders took over as mayor three years ago, following the resignation of Mayor Dick Murphy. Sanders became captain of a troubled ship. The city had a huge pension fund deficit. And there was a lot of hope that Sanders, the city's first strong mayor of recent times, could fix it.


Has he fixed the problem? It depends what you think the true problem has been. The city still has serious financial difficulties. But a week ago, the city got back in the public bond market, and that was a significant victory for the Sanders administration. But he's still facing a tough challenge, in his re-election, from Steve Francis, a local businessman who's personal fortune has allowed him to campaign very hard.

Mayor Sanders joins me in studio to talk about his re-election campaign, and his time in office.

Election Day is June 3 and San Diego city residents will have the opportunity to vote for Mayor. To help you decide, we're bringing you a Mayoral Debate on Friday May 30 at 7 p.m. You can watch it on KPBS channel 11 or HD... or listen right here on KPBS 89.5 FM...that's Friday May 30 at 7 p.m.