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Josh Kornbluth Performs Citizen Josh at San Diego Rep

Josh Kornbluth performs his one man shows on topics as diverse as democracy, math, taxes, secretarial work, and Ben Franklin. We'll talk to Kornbluth about his career as a monologuist.

Josh Kornbluth Performs Citizen Josh at San Diego Rep

Tom Fudge: Imagine standing in a room, pacing back and forth and holding forth on some subject you love to rant about. Then, imagine there's an audience of people in that room, and they're actually sitting there, listening to you talk. Wouldn't that be great? If you agree, you must think that Josh Kornbluth has the best job in the world.

Josh is a professional monologuist. He's got an interesting background, to be sure. He calls himself a "red diaper baby."  His parents were Jewish communists from New York. In fact, one of his monologues is called Red Diaper Baby. He'll be performing that one, along with his latest show called Citizen Josh , this week at the San Diego Rep's Lyceum Theater. He joined me in studio to talk about his shows and to tell us how one gets a job as a professional monologuist.
Josh will be performing Red Diaper Baby Wednesday night and Citizen Josh on Thursday night at San Diego Rep. Showtimes are both at 7:30 p.m. and take place at the Rep's Lyceum Theater.

  • Josh Kornbluth, monologuist whose one man shows include Red Daiper Baby and Citizen Josh.