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SEDC Under Scrutiny for Question Pay to Top Execs

The Southeastern Economic Development Corporation, which is responsible for redeveloping seven square miles just east of downtown, is under investigation for questionable pay practices to its top exec

SEDC Under Scrutiny for Question Pay to Top Execs

Tom Fudge : You probably never heard of the Southeastern Economic Development Corporation . But maybe you should know about it, if you live in San Diego, because it is a city redevelopment agency with a budget that exceeds 50 million dollars.


Its ability to fly under the radar may be the reason why its executives have managed to give themselves lots of pay bonuses. Bonuses than never showed up in their public, council-approved salaries.

Last week, Voice of San Diego-dot-org ran a story that broke open what's become a citywide scandal about the payments SEDC executives have made to themselves. Since then, Mayor Jerry Sanders has cut the agency's budget by two thirds. And there are a lot of people demanding answers.


  • Will Carless , reporter for VoiceofSanDiego.Org who's done an investigative report into SEDC pay practices.