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Summer Movies for Kids

Summer is a great time for movies, but what movies are good for the whole family? Sean Phillips of Yahoo Movies demystifies the movie ratings system for families, and Dan Bennett of the North County

Summer Movies for Kids

Tom Fudge: It's summer. That means hot weather and bad movies. A lot of the movies that come out at this time of the year have a certain adolescent tone to them.  And the studios love to market to teens. But what about little kids? Back in the days of Hollywood's Production Code even adult movies were pretty safe to take your kids to.  All of the sex, graphic violence and foul language were screened out. So your kids might be bored seeing the latest Joan Crawford movie but they wouldn't be seeing or hearing stuff that made Moms and Dads real uncomfortable.


But today, adult movies are usually just for adults. And, darn it! You just can't seem to find many decent family movies out there. At the very least, it's a challenge to find movies good movies you can take the kids to. That's why we're going to talk about good kids movies today.

The San Diego International Children's Film Festival runs July 27th through August 23rd at various locations in San Diego. <br>


  • Dan Bennett is a film critic for the North County Times, and founder and curator of the San Diego International Children's Film Festival
  • Sean Phillips is an Executive Producer with Yahoo Movies