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Manga Tells All Kinds of Stories


While some might have the impression that manga is full of fantasy and science fiction and things like Pokemon and Dragonb Ball , it tells all kinds of stories.

Romance, adventure, crime, sitcom, even just regular everyday life. There are manga about businessmen, firefighters, athletes, teachers, and more. Like with Western graphic novels, manga covers a wide range of genres. In addition, and there are those who will disagree, manga does not necessarily have to be Japanese. While they may occasionally go by other names, there is manga from Korea, China, the USA, Australia, and many other countries.

I don't know if I have a favorite manga, but some titles that I have greatly enjoyed include the Death Note series, Sgt. Frog , and a wonderful title called With the Light (pictured left) which details the struggles of the parents of an autistic child. My favorite OEL titles include Dramacon and Mail Order Ninja .


Learn more about manga today at the Spotlight on Tite Kubo panel (Room 7AB 1:15-2:00) and Viz Media Shojo Beat Surprises (Room 10 3:30-4:30).