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Has Comic-Con Gotten Too Big?

The comic book convention that comes to San Diego every year was a hit once again, drawing an estimated crowd of 125 thousand people. But the show's organizers say Comic-Con has gotten so big that its

Has Comic-Con Gotten Too Big?

Tom Fudge: This past week was the week that San Diegans have gotten familiar with, though it happens only once a year. You find yourself on the trolley, heading downtown, sitting next to Darth Vadar and the Incredible Hulk. Always a little difficult to make conversation with them.


But there's nothing to be alarmed about. It's just Comic-Con, where comic book fans dress up and people who work in the various media that tell comic book stories show their wares and talk about what they do. A few stars show up, along with people who write graphic novels, design video games and make TV shows. It's a big draw. It's money in the pockets of local merchants and hoteliers, and it's a fun summer distraction for a lot of people even if they don't take in the show and catch only the buzz.

But Comic-Con has gotten so big the air is full of rumors that it might leave San Diego. Like all large conventions it has many suitors who would love for the big party to be held in their town.


Steve Johnson, vice president of public affairs for the San Diego Convention Center Corporation .

David Glanzer, director of marketing and public relations for Comic-Con.