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Masquerade 2008: Best Original Design 'The Rock' by Blair Heald

Meet Blair Heald. By day, human services specialist for the County of San Diego. By night, an award-winning cosplayer. Blair has participated in amateur costuming competitions since the late '90s. At his first Comic-Con appearance, he won Best in Show for a massive Giant Robo costume. He's become well known for specializing in robot costumes.

Comic-Con 2008 Masquerade: The Rock

But this year, Blair decided to do something different. He created an original 7-foot rock monster as an homage to the popular Masquerade "rock" chant. This year, he took home three awards including Best Original Design. Here is his routine, posted to YouTube by a member of the audience. You can see many of his other costumes in fan videos posted online.

Congratulations to Blair and all the other creative cosplayers who make the Comic-Con Masquerade a must-see event every year.

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