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Political Fix by Gloria Penner

Countdown to the Conventions

Three weeks ago, Political Fix alerted you to the planned KPBS presence at the DNC and RNC with staffers Joe Spurr and Kurt Kohnen joining me in both Denver and the Twin Cities. 

The time has arrived.  On Sunday, we three fly to the mile-high city prepared to cover the Democrats' events from a San Diego perspective.  Six days later, it's on to the Twin Cities for the Republican activities .  We'll be using both KPBS Radio and the web site as our media outlets.

August 24, 2008 at 03:04 AM
I heard you wanted local people and you should interview Francesca Gage,San Diego,Bishop's grad, daughter of Dr. Fred Gage (Salk) and Mary Lynn Gage- Francesca works for Kennedy of Rhode Island