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Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

So excited about Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist , which opens here on October 3rd.  I adore Michael Cera.  He plays Nick, who isn't gay, but plays in a queercore band.  Norah is played by Kat Dennings, who was also in 40 Year Old Virgin .  She and Nick are high school seniors and they end up running around Manattan, trying to get over their ex's and looking for a legendary band's secret show.  Of course, Nick and Norah nurse the sexual tension throughout the whole adventure, which just happens to be accompanied by a great soundtrack.  The line-up was just announced by Atlantic Records... check it out:

1.  Chris Bell – “Speed Of Sound”
2.  Devendra Banhart – “Lover”
3.  Bishop Allen – “Middle Management”
4.  Vampire Weekend - Ottoman”
5.  The Dead 60s – “Riot Radio”
6.  Takka Takka – “Fever”
7.  The Submarines – “Xavia”
8.  We Are Scientists – “After Hours”
9.  Band Of Horses – “Our Swords”
10.  Army Navy – “Silvery Sleds”
11.  Richard Hawley – “Baby You're My Light”
12.  Shout Out Louds – “Very Loud”
13.  Paul Tiernan – “How To Say Goodbye”
14.  The Real Tuesday Weld – “Last Words”
15.  Mark Mothersbaugh – “Nick & Norah’s Theme”

The album comes out on September 23rd.  You can pre-order next Tuesday, August 26th on the Atlantic Records website and get a free t-shirt (you have to be one of the first 200).  You can also get the album there in limited edition vinyl.

September 03, 2008 at 08:00 PM
Other songs, not on the 15 track version of the soundtrack but in teh movie are listed below. Brooklyn's Bishop Allen and Project Jenny, Project Jan also make an appearance in the film. Chris Bell - "Speed Of Sound" Devendra Banhart - "Lover" The Real Tuesday Weld - "Last Words" Takka Takka - "Fever" Band Of Horses - "Our Swords" Richard Hawley - "Baby You're My Light" Modest Mouse - "Little Motel" Project Jenny Project Jan - "Negative" Dead 60's - "Riot Radio" Paul Tiernan - "How To Say Goodbye" Army Navy - "Silvery Sleds" Shout Out Louds - "Very Loud" We Are Scientists - "After Hours" The Submarines - "Xavia" The National - "All The Wine" The Raveonettes - "Twilight" Bishop Allen - "Middle Management" Vampire Weekend - "Ottoman" Matt & Kim - "Silver Tiles

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