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With Liberty and Justice for All

Several weeks ago, I decided to call my African American friends across the country -- some of whom I hadn't seen in years. & I was shocked to learn how many of them, especially those old enough to remember 1968 , were very concerned for Obama's well being. Since I had not lived their lives, I knew my arguments held very little weight with them, and I sensed they were figuratively "patting me on the head as a well meaning but basically na & iuml;ve little liberal." & They feared he would be asked to pay too great a price and they let pragmatism bury their optimism. Perhaps Obama's acceptance speech last night has put their fears to rest, and they are able to embrace the hope that I feel.

My heritage is English, French, Scotch-Irish, Danish and German. & I doubt that there is a drop of Black blood flowing in my veins, but in my heart I am so thrilled, so thrilled...for what this country has done. Yes I'm also a woman of Hillary's generation and I am gratified that she was an oh so serious contender. The next time I truly believe it will be a no-brainer -- a woman can and will be a candidate. & A woman can and will be President.

But, here we are, and just look at the changes Obama's candidacy has already wrought. & I don't mean to sound presumptuous to say I sense a soul-deep pride among blacks of all ages. I see evidence all around me- at my swimming pool, at my gym, in my church, in a predominately conservative town...(really...I know we have 2,500 registered Democrats in Coronado, but I drove up and down every street and it's true...we actually DO have the only Obama yard sign in town.) But yesterday, I noticed a young African American working out at the Community Center. He was the only one of his race among a sea of white, but he carried himself with such dignity, the epitome of self-containment. His time has indeed come .