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Cinema Junkie by Beth Accomando

Allah Made Me Funny

Allah Made Me Funny It can't be easy being a Muslim stand up comic in America. But Allah Made Me Funny: Live in Concert (opening October 3 at Landmark's Ken Cinema) documents three of the nation's top American Muslim comedians and reveals that they are finding success.

Having Religulous and Allah Made Me Funny opening in the same week is oddly appropriate. In Religulous , Maher had footage of his early stand up days when he says he was poking "gentle" fun at religion. What Allah reveals is that we may all have more in common than we think as these three Muslim comedians use their own particular backgrounds to find humor in all the things stand ups have been mining for years - family, marriage, mothers-in-law, and odd family remedies (olive oil in this case, it works on everything). Humor, as we've seen in the past, can be a great tool in challenging stereotypes.