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Citizen Voices

The Party's Over

I started with Citizen Voices as an unlikely Republican.  Definitely outside their demographics, although I shared many of their professed beliefs.  Smaller government, lower taxes, a preference for individual responsibility over nanny-statism and a goal of success through merit rather than survival through entitlements.  The ideals I valued were those of little-L libertarianism, but without the baggage of the Libertarian Party.

But completing a trend that's steadily progressed over the last eight years, and despite their so-called ideals, I really can't support the Republican Party anymore.  To quote Colin Powell's statement of this last weekend, "I have some concerns about the direction that the party has taken in recent years."  OK, that's putting it mildly, but I will change my registration after this election.

I won't go into every detail of why here, detailing every issue where I believe the Party has abandoned its principles for expediency, and certainly don't reject all the various people commited to public service who still serve under that party's banner.  The list of prominent Republicans featured on the Republicans Against 8 website is a good list of Californians who share the values I described, my values, above despite the party label.

Randy from Escondido
October 21, 2008 at 07:23 PM
The bleeding heart, union organizer, teacher thing wore you down! The teacher cabal has succeeded! The grand boobah says, "one at a time, my children, one at a time." (rubs hands in evil way and laughs out loud!!!)

Bethany from San Diego, California
October 21, 2008 at 08:28 PM
Good on you, Charles!! A thinking man!! A man who can think critically--we need more of these type of voters and citizens. The "dumbing down" of USA frightens me more than anything else, the economy, etc. Thank you for speaking up!

October 21, 2008 at 09:37 PM
Chuck - What do Chuck, West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina have in common? We won't know for sure until after November 4, but perhaps they share a process of soul searching amidst divided loyalties. Individual ideologies regarding certain core issues - be it the economy, abortion, civil liberties or American wars - are rarely matched by a single candidate. But in balancing the whole, Obama seems the undeniable choice for change in a country badly in need of it. If Chuck can swallow the horse pill and vote Democrat, I think West Virginia might be able to muster up the courage to follow suit. As Chuck goes - so goes the Nation. Chris

Ted from Tokyo, Japan
October 21, 2008 at 09:45 PM
For the first time since I voted for Dick Nixon in 1962 I will vote for a Democrat for President. I think the Obama administration will bring all of the bad things Charles described. I believe that the incoming Democrat Congress will be so excessive that they will be out of office again in 2012, possibly as soon as 2010. But, the present national and local Republican Party and its candidates no longer represent the things I believe to be important, personal freedom, individual accountability, fiscal and financial prudence. The current administration has demonstrated incompetence on a grand level. Sadly John McCain pick of Gov. Palin is only confirmation that we can expect little better from his administration. As a result despite his thin resume, his past associations, and my personal long time distrust of politicians who "are here from the government and we are going to help", my vote goes to Senator Obama this time around.

A Musing Reamus from Calsbad
October 21, 2008 at 11:09 PM
An excellent post. I wish all voters would take the time to think as critically as you do, Charels, I hope your "party' finds a center you can live with one day.

Ben Grage from San Diego, CA 92122
October 22, 2008 at 04:08 AM
If one simply does the opposite of what George Bush and his administration have done, one would be far closer to a good administration. We have so much to do it seems overwhelming. The Republics have screwed up so badly that one doesn't know where to start. The first order of business is to put an end to our occupation of Iraq. This would save the country well in excess of $10 billion per month. The second order of business would be to capture Osama bin Laden and put him on trial for the 9/11 deaths that he caused. The third order of business is to end the war in Afghanistan. The next order of business is to put SAIC and Blackwater out of business by eliminating our dependence on contracting out military functions that used to be handled by our soldiers. We need to end the military-industrial tentacles which have said that we need 800 plus military installations overseas. I think 8 (a 99% reduction) would be appropriate for our country. Etc., etc, etc.

Matthew C. Scallon
October 22, 2008 at 08:35 PM
I wish I could empathize with Chuck. But, as a pro-life Democrat, it's rather difficult for me to muster crocodile tears for your difficulty, given how my party has treated me for the last 35 years. Perhaps, if another political party started up which was open enough to take both of us in, I'll be able to comiserate with Chuck. Stay tuned.

October 23, 2008 at 04:39 PM
Charles. There is no true Republican party anymore. The Conservative Republican party today is no where near what it once was. The true Republican party who fought off the Dixie crate’s (all democrats by the way) and their filibuster to sign civil rights legislation in the 60’s is gone. Without which Obama would not be where he is today. But people like you and others in your party want to label us as racists. Talk about revising history. Today’s Republican Party has taken the agenda of the old democrat party of Lieberman and its likes. The old Democrat party is now the Obama radical leftists. Like all leftists they promise, promise, promise and promise some more. They never tell you what they are promising other then something different. The Obama Leftists crowd believes conservation and rationing will propel the country into prosperity. The last I looked that economic principal does not exist in any text book. The redistribution of wealth is an old failed Marxist philosophy that reads well but in real time is a flop. The problem with that moronic idea is that it completely forgets the human element. Not surprising since the liberal educate left are taught what to think by using sophisticate static models. The left claim they want freedom and equality side by side. First the constitution provided in its inception the freedom and equal opportunity for all to accomplish what they wish. The left is not satisfied with that they want equal results. They don’t believe in people having the right to succeed on their own. They feel those who are less productive, many by design, should be rewarded for it. The rub is you cannot have equal results unless freedom and success of someone else is destroyed. That is what is wrong with the pretzel logic of the community organizer. People on the left and in the middle seem to be more interested in speech, spelling and grammar then substance and morality. What a Country. It’s hard for be to believe you had to ring your hands over who to vote for. Let's see you work for an organization that receives public money (taxes everyone pays) that promotes left wing political agenda. Granted you are more stealth them most of the news outlets but its there. Before you say that’s not true I ask one question. How many times have you had the anti abortion side on your television, radio or anywhere? This is my country too. I resent being lied to especially by people who know they are lying. That is why I will not vote for the community organizer. I think the principals of our country have been demeaned way too much already. We need Equal opportunity and freedom returned not taken from us. Its freedom and equal opportunity that will get us back on track not more oppression.