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Craving Cambodian Pop Music This Weekend?


If you're in to Campodian pop psychedelic rock and, you know, who isn't, then you'll want to see Dengue Fever this Saturday night. & If you don't know who they are, be careful of the wanton googling, you may end up seeing some really disgusting pictures of the actual malaria-like disease the band is named after. & Downer pics are a total contrast to the music which is poppy and happy, even if you can't understand the lyrics, most of which are in Cambodian.

Ethan Holtzman formed the band after an apparently inspirational trip to Cambodia. The band's female lead singer was discovered in Long Beach's Little Phnom Penh, where she moved after leaving Cambodia where she was a karaoke singer.

They're playing at the new UCSD ArtPower space called The Loft. Check out the pics of this number design-y space, which was actually designed by bells & whistles , the team behind Starlite . & Note to self: & do not wear green. & There will also be a screening of the documentary Sleepwalking Through the Mekong , which follows the band on their first tour of Cambodia in 2005. & I'll report back on Monday, with pics!