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Where Does San Diego and California Go From Here?

The day after...who won and who lost in local and state-wide races? We'll talk about the election results and hear from experts and the public.

Where Does San Diego and California Go From Here?

Tom Fudge : Yesterday's state and local elections were overshadowed by the presidential race. California had no governor's race, no U.S. Senate elections. And the race for mayor of San Diego was decided months ago during the primary.

But San Diegans choose a new City Attorney. And they chose three new members of the San Diego City Council.


At the state level, Californians reinstated their ban on same-sex marriage by passing a constitutional amendment that nullifies a Supreme Court decision. They passed a measure aimed at improving animal welfare on California farms. They voted to spend $9 billion on high-speed rail. And it looks like they narrowly approved a new plan for redistricting.


  • Todd Gloria , San Diego City Councilman-elect for District 3.
  • Alison St John , reporter for KPBS News.
  • Ana Tintocalis , education reporter for KPBS News.
  • John Marelius , political writer for the San Diego Union-Tribune.
  • Brad Jennings , editor of the Imperial Valley Press.