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Talking Turkey

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Will 20 relatives be roaming around your house waiting to taste the turkey or the pumpkin pie? Well we have two of San Diego's premiere chefs in studio to ans

Talking Turkey

Tom Fudge : Thanksgiving is coming up tomorrow. By now a lot of people have made meal plans. But if you haven't, or if you're looking for some last-minute advice, I suggest you stay tuned.

Cooking a turkey, the right way, is a challenge for a lot of people. How do you keep that breast-meat moist and tender, for instance?  Maybe you've got plans to make something aside from the big bird. We'll talk about that too. Whatever is on your mind, as it concerns the Thanksgiving feast, we're here to discuss.


For some of the recipes mentioned in the show, visit Chef Bernard's blog.  


  • Chef Bernard Guillas , executive chef of the Marine Room in La Jolla.
  • Chef Jason Maitland , executive chef of the Del Mar restaurant Arterra .