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Looking for a Culture Fix? Some Lustable Reading

I'm a little tired this morning. I stayed up too late catching up on Dexter (only two episodes left!) and a growing pile of New Yorkers. I heard all the chatter about Nancy Franklin's critique of Tina Fey in her review but I didn't realize she was so over the moon for Alec Baldwin.

Here's some interesting reading from around the web, then I'm off to watch Matador for a segment tomorrow. &

This is old news but... the Education Director at North Coast Rep in Solana Beach proposed to his fiance on stage in play form. Congrats!


Also, did you know the Lux Art Institute is free through the month of December? & You do now, go check it out. &

If you missed Chris Cantore's music suggestions on These Days yesterday, you can take a listen here ... You can also read Chris's most recent post about his appearance.

Street art now has its own awards ceremony ? & Seriously? & That's so establishment of them and not & I do, however, like the work of one of the winners in Rio de Janeiro. &

28 Millimetres: & Women , by French street artist JR.

A Salon writer imagines the wire tapped conversations of Illinois governor Blagovjevich as if they were a David Mamet play.


In more bad economic news, the Miami City Ballet will perform to taped music through the rest of the season to cut costs. &

The New Republic makes an interesting plea to Barack Obama: & reinstitute the Federal Writers Project, which would help employ out-of-work journalists. &

Good news for Pearl Jam fans.

Mumblecore directors the Duplass brothers have a studio film in the works , which probably means less mumbling.

The chatter continues about the late night television changes in which NBC is giving Jay Leno at 10pm slot. Here's what the other late night hosts had to say about it , including Conan O'Brien. &

Aside: Fellow KPBS producer Hank Crook just stuck his head in my office and asked if I had any bacon in here. Oh, how I wish. I'm going to suggest he try this .

I'm interested in what David Byrne has to say about most things, and since I hate the Bratz dolls, I was particularly interested in what he has to say about them.

Wondering what the quirkiest baby names were from 2008? Wonder no longer. ... Bronx Mowgli????