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San Diego Assemblywoman Responds to Governor's Address

San Diego Assemblywoman Lori Saldana gives her reaction to the governor's state of the state address.

San Diego Assemblywoman Responds to Governor's Address

A San Diego assemblywoman says she wasn't surprised by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's message during his State of the State address yesterday.


But, Assemblywoman Lori Saldana says she was hoping to hear more about how to solve the budget crisis.  She says lawmakers on both sides of the aisle need to compromise.

<b> Saldana:&nbsp; </b> When we talk about working together, we're committed to that, but we really need for them to meet us half way. We have cut nearly $20 billion in health care and social services, we've gotten nothing in return from them.

Later today, the state controller will discuss how to issue IOUs if lawmakers fail to pass a budget.

The state is expected to run out of cash February First.