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Fallen Fruit Comes To San Diego For Communal Jam Making

Fallen Fruit is an LA -based activist art project that uses the concept of "public fruit" to get people thinking about the vitality of their communities and neighborhoods. They map the public fruit i

Fallen Fruit Comes To San Diego For Communal Jam Making

Maureen Cavanaugh:  As you're walking along the street, or in a park, ever see a lemon or avocado tree heavy with ripe fruit and wonder, am I allowed to pick this? Is it safe to eat? Who owns this fruit, anyway?
These are questions that a few Los Angeles artists have been asking, answering, and playing around with in their project called "Fallen Fruit." In the process, the artists and community members have taken some long walks, learned a lot about nature in the city and whipped up some tasty jam.

The members of Fallen Fruit will be at the TNT event this Thursday night at the downtown location of the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.  Beginning at 6pm, they'll talk about their project and then at 7pm there will be a communal jam making session so feel free to bring some public fruit. 



David Burns is a co-founder of the collaborative art project Fallen Fruit.

Austin Young is also a co-founder of Fallen Fruit.