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Career Politicians or Dedicated Public Servants?

Term limits in the state legislature was supposed to encourage citizen legislators. But career politicians continue to bounce from one termed-out elected office to the next. We'll take a look at the

Career Politicians or Dedicated Public Servants?

Alison St John : It's that time of the political season when local politicians are throwing down the gauntlet and revealing their intentions to run for higher office.

KPBS Political Correspondent, Gloria Penner, host of the Editors Roundtable on KPBS, is here to give us some early insight into which players on the political stage are anxious to move on up to Sacramento, in spite of horrendous budget challenges, and a lot of negative press about state legislators who can't seem to get anything done.



  • Gloria Penner , KPBS Political Correspondent and host of Editors Roundtable on KPBS.