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The Oceanside Museum of Art Fragrance On Sale Now!

These days it seems as if every celebrity has a perfume line aiming to represent their "essence" and increase their marketability. Joining the fray is the Oceanside Museum of Art. Conceptual artist

The Oceanside Museum of Art Fragrance On Sale Now!

Maureen Cavanaugh:  Breathe deep and smell your surroundings. Does the scent make you stronger, or peaceful, or creative? Does the aroma in your environment attempt to solve outstanding issues or resolve intrapersonal conflicts? Probably not.  But that's because you have not received an "olfactory intervention" from artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter. His art installation at the newly expanded Oceanside Museum of Art attempts to provideiInstitutional wellbeing through a new and exclusive scent.  And if you smell something rigorously ironic about this whole concept, you're not far off the mark. But this art installation is a lot more than a joke. It questions some very basic ideas we have about art, museums and entertainment.


Institutional Wellbeing will be on display at the Oceanside Museum of Art through August 9th. Also, on April 30th from 7:00-9:00 p.m. there will be a “Fragrance Forum” with artist Brian Goeltzenleuchter, fragrance expert Jan Moran, art critic Richard Gleaves and psychologist Dr. David Peterzell. “Fragrance Forum” is $5 and complimentary for OMA members.


  • Brian Goeltzenleuchter is a San Diego-based artist and creator of Institutional Wellbeing on view at the Oceanside Museum of Art. 
  • Teri Sowell is the Director of Exhibitions and Collections at the Oceanside Museum of Art.