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Sunshine Summit Fire Station Supports Volunteer Fire Crews

The County will open a refurbished fire station on Sunshine Summit on Saturday.

The station, which is staffed entirely by volunteers, is north of Warner Springs.

Supervisor Bill Horn said it will have secure storage for equipment, and sleeping and day accommodation for the volunteers.


"What we try to do is leave at least two people on duty all the time," he said. "So when they do get the call, they get the station ready and the equipment ready. It helps us improve our response times."

Horn says the nearest fire station staffed with professional, full-time fire crews is about 30 minutes away.

He said when he had an accident near Borrego Springs some years ago, volunteer firefighters were some of the first to arrive.

San Diego County spent half-a-million dollars on the fire station. The money came from the $15 million a year the supervisors earmark for fire protection in the back country.

San Diego depends on volunteer fire crews more than most other large California counties to supplement fire protection provided by CalFire.