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One In Five Marine Sexual Assaults Occur In San Diego County

U.S. Marine Corps

A new report finds approximately one in five sexual assaults reported at Marine Corps bases in fiscal 2011 took place in San Diego County.

The 27-page Marine Corps report finds 76 out of 346 sexual assaults were reported at Marine Corps bases in San Diego.

According to the report, between October 1, 2010 and September 31, 2011, a total of 88 assaults were reported at Camp Pendleton with a total of 64 victims. There were three assaults at MCAS Miramar, and nine at MCRD San Diego.

The most sexual assaults were reported at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, with a total of 70 taking place at the largest Marine Corps installation on the East Coast.

The Marine Corps report - called "The Sexual Assault Prevention And Response Campaign 2012" - aims to:

"...identify mandatory actions to eliminate behavior in Marine Corps that encourages, validates, or enables sexual assault; enact measures to ensure accountability of offenders; and reinforce victim care, confidentiality and protection from initial reporting through final adjudication..."