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"Trust Act" Heads to California Governor's Desk

California lawmakers have sent a bill to the Governor designed to stop deportation of undocumented immigrants for minor offenses.

The bill prevents local law enforcement from holding undocumented immigrants unless they’ve been convicted or charged with a serious or violent felony.

Supporters said the federal policy of conducting mandatory immigration checks on individuals booked in local jails goes too far, and results in thousands of deportations for minor offenses.


Opponents said the bill compromises public safety. But Assembly majority leader Charles Calderon said law enforcement supports the legislation.

“So that’s the glaring hole in this debate, the people that enforce this measure are not opposed to it, which suggests they would like to see this become law,” commented Calderon.

Debate over the bill became so heated that Calderon had to remind members not to call each other names.

The measure passed on a party line vote. The Governor has not stated whether he will sign it.