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ESPN Helps U.S. Military Analyze Drone Video

Predator drone
Courtesy photo
Predator drone

If you're anything like me, when you hear the letters "ESPN" you think bad puns, frat-boy humor, and athlete glorification. But military helper-outer? No way, right? Yes way.

It just so happens, according to USA Today, that the U.S. Air Force has turned to the video analysis experts at ESPN for help in how to scour the immense amounts of footage transmitted by unmanned aerial vehicles - better known as drones:

Air Force officials have met with the sports cable network ESPN to discuss how it handles large amounts of video that stream in. The visit resulted in no technological breakthroughs, but helped in developing training and expertise, the Air Force said.

Just how much video do U.S. drones patrolling terrorism suspects transmit? Last year alone, there were 327,384 hours of video, according to USA Today. The drones transmit the video to Joint Bases Langley-Eustis, where Air Force analysts review it.