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City Council Passes Policies For Redevelopment 'Successor Agency'

A set of policies for the so-called "successor agency" for redevelopment, which puts the mayor's office in charge of winding down the function, were passed unanimously today by the San Diego City Council.

Redevelopment agencies for cities around California were ordered dissolved via legislation signed into law last year and later upheld by the state Supreme Court. The successor agencies are being created in cities throughout the state to bring their redevelopment operations to a close.

Among other things, the successor agencies are to compile a list of all of the city's redevelopment obligations, dispose of certain assets and oversee construction for work that has already been contracted.


The proposed policies for the successor agency in San Diego include mundane items, such as naming the organization. The staff suggestion that was adopted was "City of San Diego, solely in its capacity as the designated successor agency to the Redevelopment Agency of the City of San Diego, a former public body, corporate and politic."

The mayor or his designee will execute all agency documents, perform administrative tasks and maintain funds.

The adopted policies are "trying to bring some clarity to a piece of (state) legislation that wasn't very clear," Councilman Kevin Faulconer said.

David Graham, of the mayor's office, said the City Council will receive a report in a few weeks on proposed budgets for the new agency, along with the Centre City Development Corp., which is the city's downtown redevelopment arm, and Southeastern Development Corp., which handles those responsibilities for areas east of downtown.

Those agencies will experience budget cuts, Graham said.