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El Mirador Off Highway 1 In Baja

If you find yourself down majestic Highway 1 in Baja California, Mexico, consider stopping at El Mirador (The Viewpoint). It’s a perched building of swirling steps and walls, overlooking the mighty Pacific Ocean.

The vista is 15 minutes outside of Ensenada. It's likely you'll find tourists snapping group photos and speaking a rainbow of languages. But it’s easy to escape the crowd and find places to walk or sit. It’s also free.

While snapping photos you can’t help but notice these giant ovals in the ocean. Apparently they are tuna rings, managed by local fisherman. From

There is also a view of the ‘tuna rings.’ These are circular tubes that float in protected inlets, and they are managed by fishermen who have become known as ‘tuna wranglers.’ Yellowtail and Bluefin tuna (which can weigh over 900 lbs.) are brought in from deep-sea waters and are corralled in these tuna rings that are actually giant nets suspended from the surface tubes, that go all the way down to the ocean bottom, thereby protecting the precious catch within. The fish, each of which is valued at tens of thousands of dollars, are eventually processed at local plants and most are flown overnight to Japan.