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Bruce Williams

The following is an excerpt from the candidate's website.Bruce Williams was born and raised in District 4. Bruce attended Knox Elementary School, Morse High School, and the University of California San Diego.

After graduating college, Bruce went to work with County Supervisor Leon Williams. Then later, Bruce served as the District 4 community’s advocate for two San Diego Mayors and served with the first African-American City Council President, Tony Young.

Bruce has spent his life fighting for job creation, safer neighborhoods, better schools, clean graffiti-free parks, and to preserve the vibrancy of our communities.


Bruce has worked with Democrats, Republicans, Independent, Businesses, and Labor to make our community better.

Bruce has fought and continue to fight for our communities, working side by side with community members to clean up our parks, advocating for more police patrols to keep our families safe, and supporting responsible gun control and gun buy back programs, as well as working for business development and to bring in new jobs to District 4.

Bruce supports responsible pension reform, reducing the city’s budget deficit, and reinvesting in our community.

Bruce is only beholden to our community’s interests, not special interests.

Our community needs a leader who understands what we face and has the experience to get the job done.


Bruce is that leader – Bruce has spent his life’s work fighting and advocating for you and our neighborhoods. Bruce is the best prepared to build on the work of a long history of fighters such as Leon Williams, George Stevens, Charles Lewis, and the first African American City Council President in the history of San Diego.

That's why Ms. Stevens (widow of former Councilmember Reverend George Stevens), Mrs. Pope (mother of former Councilmember Charles Lewis), wife of former president San Diego Chapter of NAACP, and many others have endorsed Bruce Williams for City Council.