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San Diego Navy Veteran Gears Up For Warrior Games (Video)

Wounded Warrior prepares for games

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Joe Frank [Ret.] was critically injured when his car was hit by a drunk driver on Interstate 5 in San Diego. Frank is one of 200 wounded service members and veterans expected to compete in the Warrior Games, which start Saturday.

Frank will compete with the 35 members of Team Navy at the games, held at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado from May 11-16.


According to the Navy Office of Information:

The teams include both retired and active-duty service members with upper-body injuries, lower-body injuries, spinal cord injuries, <a href="">traumatic brain injuries</a>, visual impairment, serious illness and <a href="">post-traumatic stress</a>.

The different areas of competition are:

-Wheelchair basketball

-Seated volleyball



-Track and field




Frank says he's embraced the direction his life has taken since the car accident that upended his world. You can see Frank in action in the video posted up top.