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Campaign Says No More Excuses For Violence Against Women

Campaign Says No More Excuses For Violence Against Women
San Diego groups kicks off campaign to end violence against women.

The World Beat Center hosted speakers, poets and musicians Saturday night to kick off a campaign called “No More Excuses! Stop It Now!" The campaign is an effort to end violence against women organized by Women Occupy San Diego.

The campaign has been in the works since members of the group took a trip to a United Nation forum on violence against women this spring, according to Anne Hoiberg, board president of the Women’s Museum of California and one of the campaign’s organizers.


She said they knew it was time to act when allegations of sexual harassment against Mayor Bob Filner started flooding the local media.

“Of course we’re all thinking: ‘My gosh. Nobody seems to understand what sexual harassment is,’" she said. "And this is a form of violence against women, it’s psychological abuse.”

The group will hold a series of free monthly workshops on different forms of violence against women.

The first workshop on how to handle sexual harassment in the workplace will be held at the Women’s Museum tonight.

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