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SDSU Starts Spanish-Language College Paper

SDSU’s Daily Aztec newspaper will start producing a section in Spanish this semester.

SDSU Starts Spanish-Language College Paper
Mundo Azteca offers university news in Spanish to San Diego State students.

Arturo Garcia, managing editor of the new venture, Mundo Azteca, said the idea was to reach the university’s large Latino population in what, for many, is their native language.

Some 30 percent of undergraduates at SDSU are Latino.


Mundo Azteca began publishing its first stories on the web this summer: about a university-led health study aimed at church-going Latinas; about a new statewide scholarship program for middle class students; and one about an undocumented university student who was short on money to pay her college tuition.

“It was just very difficult to get that amount of money and school was about to start," Garcia said. "So she started selling pozole, which is a Mexican dish. I loved that story, that was a huge story. From then on, I said we have to do more with undocumented students.”

Starting next week, Mundo Azteca will be published as a section in the Daily Aztec. But Garcia hopes it will eventually be a stand-alone paper.