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Impact Of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Mayor, City

Goldsmith Response
Impact Of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Mayor, City
GUESTS:Jan Goldsmith, City Attorney, San Diego Carl Luna, Political Science Professor, Mesa College

Mayor Bob Filner is restricted from meeting with women alone at city facilities today, a day after his former communications director announced she is suing him and the city for sexual harassment.

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith said it is at his request that the mayor is not to meet with women alone. He said the restriction is being enforced by Filner's chief of staff and deputy chief of staff, and that the chief of police is committed to enforcing it.

Irene McCormack Jackson, 57, is the former director of communications for Filner. She said the 70-year-old mayor is unfit for his job. She's the first alleged victim to step forward since a sexual harassment scandal surrounding Filner broke two weeks ago.