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War Horse 'Sgt. Reckless' Honored With Statue Today At Quanico (Video)

The war horse Sgt. Reckless, who spent her last days at Camp Pendleton, is being posthumously honored today in Washington D.C. for her contributions during the Korean War.

The National Museum of the Marine Corps in Quanico is unveiling a life-size statue of Sgt. Reckless to pay homage to the war horse, according to the Washington Post.

(Saturday marks the 60th anniversary of the armistice that ended the 1950-53 Korean War.)


A Marine Corps lieutenant bought Sgt. Reckless, a Mongolian mare, for $250 during the Korean War.

Her heroics during battle earned her the admiration of her fellow Marines, who brought her home to Camp Pendleton after the war, according to DVIDS.

Author Robin Hutton told the Washington Post:

“She was one of them, and that’s why they’re honoring her. She wasn’t a horse; she was a Marine.”