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Miramar Air Show Cancelled Due To Government Shutdown (Video)


The Miramar Air Show has been cancelled because of the government shutdown, according to a base news release:

"The shutdown of the U.S. government has necessitated this decision by the United States Marine Corps and we apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation has on our sponsors and the local San Diego Community.

Guidance from the Deputy Secretary of Defense mandates that non-excepted activities, including outreach events, are not authorized under the current shutdown guidelines. We want to thank everyone involved in the air show for their hard work, dedication and patience during such a period of fiscal duress and we look forward to this annual event to take place next year."
The first word of the cancellation came via Twitter, with MCAS Miramar, 3rd Air Craft Wing sending out a Tweet early Thursday morning saying:
"We are disappointed to announce that the air show has been canceled. We will release more information shortly via a release and press conf."

As recently as Wednesday evening, MCAS Miramar had posted on its Facebook page:

Ladies and gentlemen, the #1AirShow is still on! However, some facilities will be affected due to the government shutdown. In addition to the facilities listed in the picture, the Commissary and the Distribution Management Office will be closed and will resume business after the shutdown.

The show was scheduled for October 4 and 5.


The first major hiccup in this year's event took place in early July, when the Pentagon turned down MCAS Miramar's request to use military planes in the show. The reason? Budget cuts due to sequestration.

But air show organizers came up with creative ways to make sure the show would go on. On July 22, MCAS Miramar commanding officer Col. John Farnam announced the Miramar Air Show would still take place, but in an abbreviated form, featuring static displays of aircraft, and an opportunity for the public to meet with Marines and Sailors to discuss their work.

I've posted video of the press conference held today at MCAS Miramar about the cancellation. Video courtesy of KUSI-TV.