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Maiden Deployment Of San Diego-Based USS Spruance Underway (Video)

The USS Spruance left homeport Naval Base San Diego on Wednesday for a six-month deployment to the western Pacific Ocean.

With a crew of 260, the Spruance will provide security and promote peace during its deployment, according to U.S. Pacific Fleet Public Affairs.

Spruance commanding officer Cmdr. George Kessler said of the maiden deployment:

"It is with great pride that we set sail after four years of hard work and effort to bring this ship to life.

"Although, it is with a heavy heart that we leave family, friends and loved ones, I can think of no group of men and women with whom I would rather go to sea."
The Spruance is what's called a multi-mission ship - meaning it can operate with a strike group or completely on its own.

Safe journey!