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Gov. Brown Has Two More Weeks To Sign High Profile Legislation

Brown Has Two More Weeks to Sign Legislation
Brown has until October 13th to act on the legislation. In the stack of bills are several that come with very high profiles.

California Gov. Jerry Brown has until Oct. 13 to act on a stack of bills, several come with very high profiles.

One is a revamped version of the TRUST Act, which would prevent undocumented immigrants from being turned over to immigration officials for low level crimes. Brown vetoed a similar measure last year, but has worked with the bill's author this time around.

Another bill awaiting action is one that would grant driver licenses to immigrants living in the United States illegally. Brown reportedly told lawmakers he would sign the bill if it passed both houses of the legislature. It did on the final night of session.


Several gun control measures are also still pending. So is a measure that would ban the use of lead hunting ammunition.

And local governments are waiting to see if Brown signs off on a bill that would require charter cities to pay prevailing wages on construction projects that use state funding.