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For more information about the One Book, One San Diego program, including a list of events around the 2014 selections for adults, teens and kids, visit This discussion guide was created by Lysley Tenorio.


Reva Gogo is a former B-movie actress from the Philippines, the unfortunate star of her boyfriend Checkers Rosario’s cheesy horror movies. Long since retired, and seemingly settled into an ordinary life in Manila, their lives are disrupted by the arrival of Gaz Gazman, an American filmmaker who wants to splice footage from Checkers’ films with his own. Gaz brings them to America, where Checkers is rejuvenated by the possibility of Hollywood stardom, but Reva is apprehensive, fearful that she’ll once again be embarrassed by Checkers’ films. But when Gaz’s leading lady abandons him, Reva is asked to step in, and soon she finds herself seduced by the promise of stardom as well, which creates a rift in her relationship with Checkers. Soon, Checkers returns to Manila, but Reva remains in Hollywood, where she becomes the star of Gaz’s movies. Though she becomes a working actress once again, she still longs for her old life, and more importantly her old love, Checkers.