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Meet Ed Harris, San Diego's Newest Councilman

Meet Ed Harris, San Diego's Newest Councilman
Meet Ed Harris, San Diego's Newest Councilman
GUEST:Ed Harris, San Diego City Councilman, District 2

Ed Harris, a retired Marine and longtime San Diego lifeguard, was appointed Monday to serve out the remaining eight months of Kevin Faulconer's term for District 2 on the City Council.

The seat representing the beach and bay district was vacated March 3 when Faulconer was sworn in as mayor. A special election for his replacement wasn't held because less than one year remains in the term.

Harris, who heads the city's lifeguard union, received support from council members David Alvarez, Mark Kersey, Sherri Lightner, Scott Sherman and Lorie Zapf.


The 49-year-old Point Loma resident won the seat in two rounds of voting and immediately took the oath of office.

"I am extremely humbled," Harris said, adding he hoped the 16 other candidates who sought the position would help him during his term.

Alvarez said Harris can get up to speed quickly as a City Council member because of his knowledge of how the city works.

"He has dealt with issues with me as a council member, and with all the council members, that are really, really important to our city," Alvarez said. "I think he's well prepared to take on the job."

Alvarez and his colleagues praised the high quality of all the candidates.


Twenty people were expected to seek the appointment, but former council staffers Ricardo Flores and Don Mullen and lawyer Wayne Raffesberger withdrew late.

Karl Strauss Brewing co-founder Christopher Cramer, LeSar Development communications director Gretchen Kinney Newsom and ex-Assemblyman Michael Howard Wayne also received votes.

None of the council members voted for lawyer Bryan Pease, who obtained a court order Friday allowing him to be considered.

Harris will serve until the winner of this year's election is seated, which City Clerk Elizabeth Maland said would be Dec. 8 or Dec. 10. All of the candidates for appointment agreed not to enter the campaign for the June 3 primary election.