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Salk Institute Open This Weekend For Look At Research

Salk Institute Open This Weekend For Look At Research

On Saturday the Salk Institute in La Jolla will open some of its labs to the public for the second annual “Step Into Discovery Day.”

The public will be able to tour science labs, talk with researchers and participate in science projects. The day kicks off with a 5K walk to support educational outreach programs.

The date of this year’s “Step Into Discovery Day” is significant — it was on April 12, 1955, that Jonas Salk announced the discovery of his polio vaccine.


“Back in the '50s, the mayor of San Diego was a polio survivor. So when he heard that Jonas Salk was about to found an institute, he actually invited him to come over to San Diego,” said Isabelle Guimont, a researcher at the Salk Institute.

Scientists at Salk come from all over the world, and are researching a wide variety of medical issues including aging, diabetes and cancer.

Amy Rommel, a brain cancer researcher at Salk, said “Step Into Discovery Day” attendees will be able to learn about topics that affect them.

“Because of the science starting here and going on right now at the Salk Institute, there’s hope for cures to many of the ailments that either themselves, or their family, or their friend, are undergoing,” Rommel said.

The Salk Institute has also received recognition for its architecture. The institute’s courtyard overlooks the Pacific Ocean, and though the buildings are now nearly 60 years old, the institute has received multiple awards for architecture. The building was designated a national landmark in 1991, and has been rated one of the nation’s top 10 buildings of the 20th century.

Corrected: April 16, 2024 at 10:13 PM PDT
Correction: An earlier version of the story said that Jonas Salk won a Nobel Prize, which is incorrect. The story has been edited to remove the error.