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San Diego County Prosecutors Use App To Present Evidence

San Diego County Prosecutors Using App To Present Evidence

A high-tech tool is proving to be beneficial for the San Diego County District Attorney's Office.

TrialPad, an iPad application that the office has been using since 2012, allows prosecutors to show more evidence while saving space. The application allows them to exhibit photos, videos, audio and transcripts on a television screen instead of using bulky exhibit boards, said the office.

The office has also been able to save money by using less paper.

"I'll tell you right now the public and juries love it," Deputy District Attorney David Grapilon told KPBS on Friday. "They almost expect it because when you look at the TV and movie prosecutions, all they see is big projectors and high-tech stuff."

Grapilon said the District Attorney's office began using the application in response to the Superior Court stating regular exhibits took up too much space in the courtroom.

"The office had to come up with a solution to maintain the quality and efficiency that we needed for these cases," Grapilon said.

Grapilon said the San Diego County is home to the first District Attorney's office in the nation to use the application.

TrialPad was first made available in 2010 and can be purchased for $129.99 on iTunes.