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Chargers Owe San Diego Money If Team Leaves

Chargers Owe San Diego Money If Team Leaves
The Chargers' stadium lease calls for the team to pay the city of San Diego a set fee if and when they opt to leave San Diego.

The San Diego Chargers will pay a termination fee to the city of San Diego if the team opts out of the the lease to play games at Qualcomm Stadium.

The city spent close to $70 million to add seats and other upgrades to Qualcomm Stadium in the 1990s.

The city also built the team's Murphy Canyon practice facility. City officials included language in the lease that helps San Diego recoup some of that investment if the team leaves early.

The Chargers are on the hook for just over $15 million if they take advantage of the February to May window to submit an early termination notice to void the rest of the lease.

If the Chargers wait until next year, that fee drops to $12.5 million. That doesn't pay off the remaining bond debt that financed the expansion.

The city will pay $5 million a year for the next 10 years to retire the bond debt.

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