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San Diego International Airport Announces Implementation of COVID-19 Protocols

San Diego International Airport sign on Harbor Drive on Aug. 12, 2019
Erik Anderson
San Diego International Airport sign on Harbor Drive on Aug. 12, 2019

San Diego International Airport has been ramping up its COVID-19 protocols over the last month, which includes the implementation of plexiglass sneeze guards in certain areas and signage to ensure travelers maintain social distancing within the airport, officials said Tuesday.

While the airport has remained open to essential travel during the pandemic, officials said potentially eased restrictions to non-essential travel have led the airport to issue a public notice of its COVID-19 health and safety regulations.

Facial coverings have been required for all passengers and employees since the beginning of May, but over the last month, the airport has also installed sneeze guards "in certain public spaces," as well as floor decals and seat separation signage to encourage six feet of distance between airport occupants and other preventive health measures.


In addition to signage, PA announcements are played throughout the terminals reminding passengers of the airport's facial covering and social distancing requirements.

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All airport employees are also required to undergo personal health screenings and cannot come to work if they have any of the COVID-19 symptoms listed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Enhanced cleaning of "high touch points" has also been in effect since the pandemic began, according to airport officials.

"The health and safety of all who work and travel through San Diego International Airport is our top priority," said Kimberly Becker, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority President and CEO. "It is in accordance with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and San Diego County Health that we've implemented these various modifications and protocols. San Diego will always be a desirable place to live and visit. When you're ready to fly again, we'll be ready to serve you."


Travelers can visit for more information regarding the airport's health regulations and air travel during the pandemic.