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Child Psychologist's Advice For Parents As Kids Start Another Pandemic School Year

Carlos Castillo
Parents taking photos of their children's first day of school at Adams Elementary School in Normal Heights, Aug. 30, 2021.

As schools reopen their doors, kids are again looking at a different kind of experience: one defined by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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Child psychologist Dr. Ian Schere joined Midday Edition on Monday to talk about how parents can best support their kids during the start of a new school year, along with some strategies to connect with their kids about coronavirus, amidst the uncertainty and disruption it brings.

VIDEO: Adams Elementary Welcomes Back Students

"We really need to give them the space to share with us," Schere said. "The way we help our children to feel safer, the way we help them to decrease their anxiety, is by letting them be the ones who are doing the expressing."

As he reflects on the start of the school year for many of his patients, Schere notices one discernable difference.

"For 20 years, I've talked to kids about how much they hate going to school," he said. "After the last 20 months, I've been talking with kids about how much they hate not going to school. I think that there must be a silver lining in that."

Listen to the full interview here:

Clinical Therapist emphasizes listening more as students return to classrooms amidst pandemic uncertainty.