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THE 100 DAYS: The Suez Crisis - 1956

Plotting board of USS Randolph CVA-15 during Suez Crisis 1956.
American Public Television
Plotting board of USS Randolph CVA-15 during Suez Crisis 1956.

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In July 1956, Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal, prompting a response from Israel, Great Britain and France. By the end of the crisis Britain and France had assembled impressive invasion fleets in the Mediterranean, issued an ultimatum and by the 100th day military action was engaged from Sinai to the Canal. The incident remains one of the great follies of modern history from which the British and French were obliged to timidly withdraw, their posture as global powers diminished.

THE 100 DAYS: British tanks at the Suez Canal, 1956

About the Series: THE 100 DAYS is a dramatic series that tells stories of 20th century world events, revealing unexpected aspects of some of the pivotal moments of modern history. Each episode focuses on one major event and the 100 days that give context to the events leading up, during or at the close. The narrative of each episode will unearth little-known incidents and characters. The “first hundred days” provides an ample perspective on the timing of these defining moments of history, giving a sense of what lies ahead.


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THE 100 DAYS Series Preview

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