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GZERO WORLD WITH IAN BREMMER: Have You Heard The Good (Climate) News?

Host Ian Bremmer
Richard Jopson Photography. Courtesy of American Public Television
Host Ian Bremmer

Premieres Thursday, Oct. 12, 2023 at 11:30 p.m. on KPBS TV / Stream now with the PBS App

Climate change is real, it’s here, and it’s already severely disrupting our lives, to differing degrees, around the world. But what if things don’t turn out as badly as we fear? On this episode, host Ian Bremmer talks with controversial climate author, Bjorn Lomborg.

GZERO WORLD WITH IAN BREMMER: Have You Heard the Good (Climate) News?

Listen: On the GZERO World Podcast, Ian Bremmer sits down with Danish author Bjorn Lomborg, a controversial figure in the world of climate change. Lomborg is unequivocal that climate change is a real problem and that humans are responsible for causing it. But where he differs from the global climate narrative is that the current focus on reducing carbon emissions is misguided and ineffective. Lomborg argues the world is too fixated on stopping climate change at the expense of… everything else. He worries billions are being spent on incremental climate mitigation when that money could be spent more effectively on things like education or maternal mortality. Bremmer challenges Lomborg on a range of issues, from the exponential advancements in renewable technology to the disproportional impact of climate disasters in poor countries. While the two don’t agree on everything, their conversation affirms that climate change is a complex issue that requires nuanced thinking and effective solutions to avoid worst-case scenarios for future generations.

GZERO WORLD WITH IAN BREMMER is a public affairs series built for our disorienting time, when the world order that has united much of the globe since the end of World War II is fraying. Host and renowned political scientist Ian Bremmer sits down each week with world leaders, noted experts, and newsmakers from all sides of the political spectrum for a compelling discussion of recent events in global politics.

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