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Teen Critics 2; Drillbit Taylor 0

Drillbit Taylor takes it on the chin from another Teen Critic. (Paramount)

By Alexander Bennett

Drillbit Taylor (opening March 21 throughout San Diego) opens as Ryan, Wade and Emmit embark on their high school careers. They immediately come into contact with the local school bully, Filkins. Filkins marks them out as his targets for the rest of the year and to make their high school experience a torturous one. The boys seek out hired protection to keep Filkins off their backs and teach him a lesson, but they get stuck with Drillbit played by Owen Wilson. Drillbit is a bum living on the street looking for some cash so he can skip to Canada to hopefully start a new life. Drillbit hopes to milk the kids for the cash and "teach" them the defend themselves. As things go on he begins to grow more attached to the kids and tries to genuinely help them out and save them from the terror known as Filkins.

I found Drillbit Taylor to be more stupid than funny. Watching this movie wasn't entertaining as much as just something to do. I don't find Owen Wilson to be a talented actor and this movie didn't make me change my mind. Since I don't particularly like Wilson as an actor, I came into this movie not really expecting much from him. He tries to be funny and add humor, but he just comes off as goofy and awkward with misplaced jokes and adult humor. He's just a guy I can't take seriously.


For trying to be a funny teen movie, Drillbit Taylor fails. Other than a small rap battle scene there weren't many memorable funny moments. Through most of the film I found my thoughts drifting to the rest of the day ahead and getting lunch with my friends. I wasn't at all entranced by this film. I felt more like I was just wasting time and this is what happened to be on.

If you're looking for something to watch just for the sake of getting out more then go see Drillbit Taylor . But if you're looking to be entertained then this isn't it. This movie isn't really worth paying to see in theaters, maybe not worth even renting.

--Alexander Bennett is a senior at Mount Miguel High School. As an aspiring artist in graphic and web design, he hopes to be able to attend the Art Institute of California and major in web design and interactive media. He loves watching movies and sharing his thoughts on them with others, so this seemed like a great opportunity for him to do just that. He enjoys sci-fi and fantasy films such as Star Wars and The Matrix, but also hopes to expand taste in films.