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Spaced at the Con: Cocked, Locked, and Ready to Rock!

The strategy paid off. Not only did I manage a fourth row seat, but I ended up sitting next to a cool guy who had managed to make his first trip to Comic-Con. At the Spaced screening, actor-writer Simon Pegg, director Edgar Wright and writer-actress Jessica Hynes (formerly Stevenson) introduced the episodes from the 1999 Brit-com that fans voted for online. I sat behind a woman who had drawn caricatures of Pegg as Shaun (of the dead fame). When Pegg came out, she held the drawing up and he spotted them and said "nice work." Then Pegg, Wright, and Stevenson engaged in a slow motion finger gun shootout with the entire center section of the audience (riffing on the episode that we were about to see). It was great. So even though I blew my chance at the panel, I at least got to see the Spaced gang for a few minutes and that was enough to make me happy -- even though it ended near midnight and I was working on an hour and a half of sleep!