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Trailer Tuesday Bonus: Rain of Madness

Wrap your head around this: Tropic Thunder was the faux movie being made inside the real Tropic Thunder that opened in theaters. Now Tropic Thunder's filmmaker Ben Stiller is making a mockumentary called Rain of Madness about the two Tropic Thunder films -- sort of. I couldn't resist this. On August 27, iTunes began offering an exclusive download of the 30-minute mockumentary Rain of Madness that spoofs Eleanor Coppola's famous documentary about her husband Francis Coppola's Apocalypse Now . Rain of Madness feature Tropic Thunder's co-writer Justin Theroux as a Werner Herzog-esque German filmmaker Jan Jurgen who drily delivers such lines as "what is war?" and "It's as unflinchingly as possible a look at the making of a Hollywood nightmare." Steve Coogan, who played the ill-fated director of the faux Tropic Thunder, gets display more of his comic skill here. Most of the cast participates so you get more of Robert Downey, Jr.'s hilariously intense Aussie method actor. In some ways, Rain of Madness is is tighter, more successful spoof than Tropic Thunder . Enjoy the trailer or just download the entire movie for free.