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KPBS TV: Trolley Dances

Trolley Dances airs on KPBS TV (John Pryor)

On Tuesday Sept.30th at 9:00 pm and repeating on Thursday October 2 at 3:00 am, KPBS TV will present the locally produced documentary Trolley Dances . Directed by SDSU's Mark Freeman, Trolley Dances documents the ten-year-old program of bringing dance to the street and people to the dance by using San Diego's Red Trolleys. Freeman's film focuses on six original site-specific dance performances.

According to Freeman:


Trolley Dances are delightful. I went on the tours for years before I had a chance to make the documentary. It was often an introduction to parts of San Diego that were unfamiliar to me. The dances brought the environment to life in unexpected ways. When I ever I returned to the sites of the performances they always retained a spark of the energy from the dances I had experienced in my first visit. Keith York at KPBS and Jean Isaacs, the founder of Trolley Dances, enthusiastically supported my vision of trying to capture the process of creating this unusual urban festival.

Freeman takes us behind the scenes for the process of creating interactive art within a public space. He captures the enthusiasm and energy of the artists, and the novelty of engaging people in places that they don't expect to find performances. If the film inspires you to seek out the actual dance performances, you can catch this year's 10th anniversary of Trolley Dances beginning at Hazard Center on October 4 and 5.