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Teen Willingly Goes to Hell

Alison Lohman will do just about anything to rid herself of a curse in Drag Me to Hell
Alison Lohman will do just about anything to rid herself of a curse in Drag Me to Hell

Drag Me to Hell Wins Over KPBS Teen Critic

Drag Me to Hell (opened May 29 throughout San Diego) is a movie about this little goody-two-shoes chick named Chris (Alison Lohman) who is living the perfect life. She has an amazing and caring boyfriend, and a great job with the hopes of a promotion soon. Unfortunately this perfect life of hers is about to get a whole lot worse. In hopes of getting her promotion she has to be able to make tough decisions and decides to start with this poor little old lady. Chris makes the tough decision of backing the bank’s decision to take the lady's house away. The lady gets on her knees and begs for Chris to not take her house and give her another extension. Chris of course refuses because she is determined to get the manager’s position at work and sends the lady on her way. The lady refuses to go and ends up attacking Chris, who calls security and the lady is escorted out of the building. Later that night when Chris packs up and heads to her car so she can go home, she notices the old lady’s car parked in the garage by hers. She quickly gets in her car only to find that the lady was in the car with her. A crazy battle is fought between the two and ends with the lady putting a curse on a button and giving it to Chris. Chris faints, wakes up and then notifies the police. Her boyfriend is freaking out but believes that she will be okay. Later that night Chris feels that she needs to have her fortune told. The fortuneteller her is afraid of her and sends her away without finishing the reading. That night Chris is plagued with scary noises and she starts to see things. She returns to the fortuneteller and he finally tells her that she is cursed by the Lamia, the black goat. He tells her that it will torment her for three days and eventually come to take her to hell. He recommends a sacrifice to be made in the Lamia’s honor and hopefully it will leave her alone, but the story wouldn’t be that interesting if it ended there so needless to say it doesn’t work.

Drag Me to Hell was entertaining. I thought some scenes were funny, disgusting, and cheesy but overall enjoyable. What I thought was nasty was the fact that every time you turn around Chris was having disgusting stuff flung into her face, and into usually open mouth. The old lady was vomiting stuff into Chris’s face throughout the whole movie! I squirmed every single time because it was just so revolting. Another thing was that some of the graphics looked cheaply done but yet still entertaining to watch.  The overall story was cool. I wouldn’t say It was scary but rather thrilling. Stuff jumped out a lot during the movie but never really anything that freaked the audience out too bad.

The premiere was cool too. The radio station brought tons of stuff to give to the audience and I feel that just about everyone walked away with something sporting the movie title on it.


Drag Me to Hell (rated PG-13 for sequences of horror violence, terror, disturbing images and language) is a good one to go see if you're in the mood to loosen up. Some scenes are so ridiculous that all you want to do is laugh while other make you squirm in your seats.

--Janeane White recently graduated from Mount Miguel High School.