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Masterpiece Mystery! Miss Marple, Series IV: They Do It With Mirrors

Julia McKenzie (left) as Miss Marple and Joan Collins (right) as Ruth van Rydock.
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Julia McKenzie (left) as Miss Marple and Joan Collins (right) as Ruth van Rydock.

Airs Sunday, June 30, 2013 at 10:30 p.m. on KPBS TV

A new face takes on the role of Agatha Christie's familiar spinster sleuth in Series IV of MISS MARPLE. Julia McKenzie, best known to Masterpiece audiences for her portrayal of Mrs. Forrester in the acclaimed series CRANFORD, brings her distinctive style to the role.

In "They Do It With Mirrors," glamorous Ruth Van Rydock (Joan Collins) is convinced her sister Carrie Louise is in danger, and confesses her suspicion to Miss Marple over tea.

Carrie Louise, a quirky philanthropist with a string of ex-husbands, runs a correctional facility for young men on her estate. Miss Marple arrives to make some gentle inquiries and finds chilling danger lurking surprisingly close to home.

When murder is the real-life plot twist during an amateur theater rehearsal on the estate, Miss Marple has to separate theatrical tricks from reality in an attempt to save Carrie Louise from the dire final act that awaits her. This episode originally aired in 2009.

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